Guilherme da Costa

Guilherme da Costa
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My name is Guilherme da Costa.
I live in Porto Alegre, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
I seek information about my ancestors who possibly lived in Ukraine.
y grandparents are dead. They were deported to Nazi Germany in 1943. My mother was born in Germany in 1945.
My grandparents' documents are from Ukraine. In the documents from the French Refugee Center of post-war Germany they are characterized by Polish-Ukrainians (Arolsen Archives Germany).
Heir names were: Simon Kuzmienko (born in the city of Dubno on August 30, 1918, son of Szymon Kusmienko and Katarzina Loboda) and Vera Kuzmienko (maiden name Vera Kasanow (or Kasanov), daughter of Iwan Kasanow (or Ivan Kasanov ) and Jamnik Jawdokia, born August 12, 1923, Kharkov (not sure) (had two brothers, one was named Nicolai or Nikola and the other Pavel)). Is it possible to get information about them? My mother is very interested in rescuing your family history and even finding family members in Ukraine. We seek information on how to get documentation about them.
My sincere thanks.
Guilherme da Costa
Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil.